He thought he was so superior

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King”.
I lived in a Board & care home from 1990-95. Ten other schizophrenics and ONE guy with brain damage. The guy with brain damage thought he was better than the rest of us. It was infuriating. I had to share a room with him.

my wife 's friend married a guy who is profoundly deaf, yet always thinks he is superior to everyone !
yes he is very bright, but wisdom is another thing entirely.
take care

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Brain damaged eh. Who needs a brain anyhow.

“A colleague at Sheffield University became aware of a young man with a larger than normal head. He was referred to Lorber even though it had not caused him any difficulty. Although the boy had an IQ of 126 and had a first class honours degree in mathematics, he had “virtually no brain”. A noninvasive measurement of radio density known as CAT scan showed the boy’s skull was lined with a thin layer of brain cells to a millimeter in thickness. The rest of his skull was filled with cerebrospinal fluid. The young man continues a normal life with the exception of his knowledge that he has no brain.”

“Of the 253 subjects in the study, 9 were found to have approximately only 5% of the normal amount of brain tissue. Despite this, 4 had IQ’s of above 100, the national average, and another 2 had IQ’s of above 126, while one of the subjects proved to be as intelligent as those studying him, he had a first-class degree in maths.”

See http://flatrock.org.nz/topics/science/is_the_brain_really_necessary.htm

Check out the archives while your there. Good stuff to cheer you up.

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