He met my bro

And a bunch of his friends thought it was too soon but my bro absolutely loves him


Good going ish man u are such a lucky lady…jealous…!!!

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way to go @anon80629714! Sounds like things are going really well with this one :blush:

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That’s awesome! Glad it’s still going so well!

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I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, Ish, but with your fascination with dating and wanting to find a guy so bad I hope you don’t rush into anything.

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Rush? It’s the first guy my bro has ever met. I’m 31. It just feels right. I don’t know how else to explain it. I have not even kissed him yet although that’s partly me. He’s very patient.


Hopefully your bro is a good judge of character and able to give that subtle "dont fck with my sis" speech, but in a very nice way, as us brothers know how to do, by being kind and compassionate but scary as fck at the same time. Im glad your vro approved! Happy for you!!

My sister has only introduced me to 2 men, and 1 is her now husband. She always said i scared them away. Lol.

BTW…u still drawing @anon80629714 ?

Hi @reggie lol my brother gave that speech but the guy is into boxing and I’m not sure it worked. Lol. But my bro knows I’m in safe hands. Yes I draw now and again like yesterday but I have not kept practise. :frowning:

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Sounds great ish. :sunny: