He managed to break the world sleep deprivation record by staying awake 11 days

I hallucinate (hear voices) after 3 or 4 days without sleep.

imo, It’s an interesting article about sleep.

Interesting, among the gloom, there were little bursts of euphoria. After 48 hours without sleep I watched the sun rise and felt gloriously alive – the light from the rising sun affects the parts of the brain that governs the sleep and wake cycle – the circadian clock.
My blood pressure was up, my blood sugar had soared and I had a thundering headache. When I began to hallucinate the hotel walls were caving in, I knew it was time to give up this particular experiment.

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Sleep deprivation has been shown to cause schizophrenia-like symptoms. So yeah it worsens SZ.

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The guy looks like he’s got crazy insomnia, even.

Yeah, don’t stay up for more than a day at a time, totally not worth it.

Worse time when I was off my tiny rocker - was when i went without sleep for 2 weeks, due to extreme anxiety and voices. Sleep is extremley important to me as a schizophrenic. If i need 12-13 hours in bed - so be it.

A good nights rest is a bloody great healer for a bad mind.

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I went seven days one time (not by choice) and landed my butt in the hospital. Don’t know why someone would want to go longer than that on purpose. People make weird choices.


My record is 4 days in the hospital. They put me on so many drugs that I couldn’t see to try and knock me out lol

Yeah they gave me seven different sleeping pills in the 12 hours I was there and I still only got 4 hours.

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I’ve gone months without sleeping before. I was laying in bed under the covers with my eyes closed, but I wasn’t losing consciousness.

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