He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured

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This is really interesting maby an immune booster will cure the disease

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I wish someone would cure me of my neighbors by kicking them out.


I wrote here about this case or a very similar one 3 or 4 years ago.

Indeed, very strange. We just recently scraped the surface of brain-immune system interaction. It will take a while before we get to the bottom of this riddle.

And as a funny aside, I don’t think anyone of us here wishes leukemia upon themselves just to get a marrow transplant hoping to get rid of schizophrenia in the process :wink:

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I’m putting all my hopes, dreams, memories, and money on a vaccine cure for me called the Norovirus Vaccine. It’s in development. If that ain’t going to AT LEAST help me, I don’t know what. I felt like something told me. I can’t say it will work for anyone else.

Interesting. Anyone have a link to an article that isn’t paywalled?

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Bedbugs usually takes care of unwanted neighbors.

Also just pointing out that when I listen to rock 'n roll so do my neighbors.

I’m hopeful for a cure. I won’t say it isn’t possible.

However, the damage done to the brain will have to take time to recover even if nothing else. So I won’t hope for an easy fix.

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What are they doing now? Mine are assholes.

This in interesting. I’m reading a lot about the gut and the immune system, so this kind of ties in.

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Why would a vaccine for norovirus be helpful in schizophrenia?

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I couldn’t read it because it demanded a subscription to read the article, but my delusions went away and I didn’t have to get cancer for it. I’m still hallucinating, though. Is this one of those people who had delusions but never hallucinated? If I was one of those people I’d probably consider myself somewhat “cured” right now.

Too bad the voices won’t stop >_< oh what I’d give for them to stop. I don’t even value money anymore. I’d take a cure over a billion dollars.


Link to the (free) medical journal articles on it:

There is also a case where the opposite happened: a man got a bone marrow transplant from his sibling with schizophrenia, and got schizophrenia. Poor dude was 67 when he got the transplant and the schizophrenia.


They are calling for additional case reports:

BMT is not a risk free treatment. People can get graft vs host disease. The survival rates are pretty high though, but obviously the underlying problem that prompted the BMT is frequently the cause of death and not the BMT.

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Thankyou @twinklestars, this looks interesting

Because im saying it caused my schizophrenia. I felt like someone told me. Felt like a dream. I rather not say more. I know I sound dumb or crazy but I think it will help me. That and I think I’ll be cured of schizophrenia in my lifetime if I survive. I don’t know. I have fears. Maybe by 33 years old. I’m 30 right now. So maybe 1-2 years. It might be the underlying or root cause for me.

If bone marrow transplant does this its interesting that blood transfusions don’t; they’ve got immune system in them too don’t they?

I guess it’s not as significant because bone marrow is where immune cells are actually made I think

In bone marrow transplant they kill off your own bone marrow first and then replace it with other bone marrow. Either a matched donor’s or your own that has been stored from the past or collected and modified, it depends on the nature of the problem.

Your bone marrow also does make stem cells, including neural stem cells I believe. It’s not clear that that was the mechanism - doctors say bone marrow doesn’t make a great deal of neural stem cells.

It’s also possible that this guy’s symptoms were a result of his cancer and were misdiagnosed as SZ. I don’t know whether that is the case but it can’t be ruled out.


I don’t understand your last paragraph…

The guy got schizophrenia about a year before they diagnosed him with cancer. The idea is he may have already developed the cancer at that time, but they didn’t know and the neurological effects were causing his symptoms. If that is the case, it still shows the complicated relationship between the immune system and mental disorders, but it’s less exciting as a potential cure.

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Norovirus is a pretty acute disease. Are you throwing up a lot right now?