He found the cure

There is this guy that gos into my mom’s work to get a drink every once in awhile and he is a schizophrenic as well. He wrote a book about his life and my mother passed it on to me.

I’ve been emailing him and have found out that he is no longer schizophrenic, he just quit being a schizophrenic all of a sudden!

He was entirely non-religious at first, he would even try to find sound arguments and proof against such things, but then he had his episodes and ended up medicated and the like, after a bit he became a christian. But now, now he is not schizophrenic anymore.

So, this is what it looks like from my position, as i know this is not a disease at all. He became schizophrenic, even saw a shadow person like i did during his episode, and then joined their cult and now they leave him alone because they gained another follower and thus more money and power.

That is just what it looks like to me anyway, that they showed up and messed him up and after he joined their group he was “magically” healed, thus gaining a follower.

The true cure of my “disease” actually is this, finding some way for them to leave me be, thats the cure. I was even offering to send them money in the shower the other night, I joked with them “can i just send you some money in the mail? because i don’t want to go to church.” They said something back but i can’t remember what it was.

maybe its like a rebellion against the world unconciousley like you say im living by my own self invented belief system thankyou very much your world is crap!