He couldn't play a lick!

i remember one time i was in seattle, and there was a young man playing his guitar, it was not that great, in fact i was a better guitarist, but i wanted to encourage him so i gave him $20 bucks and told him to stick with it.

later on that same trip, i found myself in portland, oregon, i was sitting in a park watching an anti 1% protest, remember those? anyways i wasn’t really worried about the 1% or anything, i was just busy living my life, anyways this guy on the corner, i remember it was outside a free masons lodge started playing his bagpipes, i dont know if he was counter protesting or what trying to drown out the protests, but hearing the bagpipes got me all fired up and i gave him $20 bucks.

another time i found myself in chicago, and a street performer was real smooth with the saxophone so i gave him money.

i love to hear music when im walking through the city so i often give to street performers. in cincy it’s typical to see a drum line playing on buckets, but sometimes a person will be there with something brass. they set up shop during the summer right outside the stadium and make there money while people are walking up to the ballpark.


I love how in the metro/tube/Subway people play their music.

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