Haze of smoke outside

There is thick haze of smoke outside. There must have been a bushfire nearby or something. It is winter, but bushfires are dependent how dry the vegetation and undergrowth is, not temperature.


Yeah mate. Welcome to Australia. We don’t burn off as much as we used too and it gets so darned dry and trees like gums leave a lot of litter around.

Watch the asthma and breathing! Not good to be out in that!

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The air quality is horrible currently here in California. There are several major wild fires throughout the state.


hey @Moonbeam …yeah California gets those horrible wind driven bush fires we get over here! The aborigines used fire to hunt game. They burned often to drive out the animals and when the Europeans came they stopped doing it and went to farm culture.

Most of our bush is dry and oily…eucalyptus gums are notorious for dropping leaves and when you get wind it’s a nasty event. I see that over there too! Europeans have totally disrupted the natural cycles we had over here…most of our trees and wild life evolved with fire! They had been doing it that long!

Stay safe! I know your in winter. We used to burn off every year…we still should be doing it every year…I’m sure your probably the same!


I went outside to visit my mother at her house in her backyard, but I didn’t stay long. The smoke is really thick. I think it is probably from a big control burn. But it has produced a lot of smoke.

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Purple haze…!!


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