Having your virginity taken at the doctor’s?

A girl told me she’d having her virginity taken at the doctor’s office so it would hurt less when she had sex.
I think she’s lying.
Is that a thing? Can that be done? Isn’t virginity just a concept?

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That’s f u c k e d up! Do doctors do that?? It doesn’t seem like a real thing it couldn’t be. Maybe in third world countries? Virginity is supposed to be a special moment as well

Maybe they do surgery on the hymen?


Am maybe they do you could be right.

I think you are right. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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That’s interesting/strange to me. I wouldn’t consider it losing your virginity but “popping your cherry” I dunno if that’s slang terms??? Probably

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But does anyone know if it’s possible, and what exactly the doctor does?

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I’ve heard of this being a thing. I’m not entirely sure how it works.

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Once the hymen is broken, technically/physically you’re not a virgin anymore. A doctor can break this, and it’s painful and you bleed. So, when you actually have sex, you probably won’t have the pain or bleeding again.
When I was a virgin, my abusive first husband (before we were married) was worried that my first visit to a gynecologist would make me not a virgin anymore, so he raped me the day before my appointment so that he could be the one to break the hymen.
Anyway, yes, it’s unusual but possible for a doctor to do.

I could save her a long wait in a doctors waiting room.

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