Having trouble grounding myself

I can’t seem to shake my delusions. And it seems like every bad and good thing that happens in my life I attribute to them. I’m able to tell myself that they don’t go along with reality, but in the back of my head these thoughts are screaming like madmen.

When something bad happens I think that some outside force planned that event to sabotage my life to make it worse. And when something good happens, I believe that the same outside force is trying to pull a fast one on me to make me believe that they’re not there so I become extra defensive for something bad to happen in the near future. I can’t shut down that part in my head that’s constantly pulling me away from reality. While other delusions are present, I feel I need help with this one the most because it constantly pulls me away from reality.

I have never been able to shake mine. So. I quit trying. I accept them now. NOT as “facts” but as… delusions. I do NOT fight with them any more. I just see them as what they are, say “Thank you for sharing” and move on. Because I am what I am, and I have to live with that… not with my delusions about what I think I should be.


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Thank you for the advice. It seems like most times I bring up delusions to people, they tell me to try to reality check and counter them. It seems much less stressful to accept them for what they are, instead of countering every thought that comes in my head.

I figured out a few years ago that I am just never going to know what reality is and I quit trying to figure it out. I just go with the flow and if I need to make an important decision I just ask my wife what to do. If you spend your time trying to figure out what reality is from delusions you will just make your symptoms worse. That’s my perspective.

Yup. This is why CBT is in decline now. And why DBT, ACT. MBBT and the other mindfulness-based cognitive psycotherapies are in ascendance.

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