Having trouble finding hope lately

My hope for a happy life had a sad realization today…besides still having my mother, everyone and every pet I’ve ever loved was taken away from me…I guess I should look at the glass “half full”? I usually am a positive person, but tonight I feel sorry for myself…something that raises a red flag to myself that I am not seeing things correctly…I “want” to feel happy, yet being alone after four months of being divorced has taken a toll on me it seems…

Lately I cry more often than I used to, even after my divorce…my dreams are filled with passed away family members and my pets all keeping me happy when I sleep, only to awake and feel them gone even more…don’t get me wrong…I am NOT suicidal…I tried that twice a long time ago and I know that’s not “the answer” !! I guess I just had somebody that I could talk to, even on email…if you would like to write to me on a daily basis or even just for tonight, please PM me and I will send you my email address…thank you for your time…

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I understand what you are feeling. Right at the start of my illness I had begun a long period of loss. Loss of family members, pets, a home, car, and lover of 6 years. So I completely understand what you must be feeling. Hang in there, things will get better and when you feel like you can get another pet and when you feel up to it, get out of the house and meet new people. Best wishes. Good things do sometimes happen to schizophrenics something good happened to me today that has me more hopeful than I have been in a long time. It will happen for you too.


I don’t know how to pm but feel free to pm me and then I will get in touch with you that way. Also, you can go to nolongerlonely.com. It is a site for MI people to hook up. There is an option for just pen pals if that is the way you want to go. I have met 3 wonderful people on that site and we keep in touch weekly. It has been most helpful.


One is the lonlyest number you’ll ever know 2 can be as bad as one sence the number one

I bet there is a kitty or doggie sitting on death row at your local shelter that could use some of your love and a home. Even if it’s just for a couple more years for them, you could be that person they are dreaming they had to love them for the rest of their life.
Animals are much more loyal than people.


Thanks everybody…

@Csummersx, my landlord won’t allow any pets which kills me because I know a pet would really help…I went and bought a double bottle of merlot last night and forced myself to try one more time on “plenty of fish” to find a woman…AND I MET SOMEBODY !! No more loneliness…she is crazy about me and I am crazy about her…she lives in a small town about 3 hours from me and we are talking about meeting soon…so I am not down anymore !