Having sz is like army training

Army Training… Out in the real world trying to navigate all the obstacles life throws up with this huge weight on your back, no thanks, maybe the problem is that i just couldn’t get over the first hurdle and chaos ensued, i began to run around aimlessly trying to shed my kit bag that seemed to get bigger and heavier all the time only to fall down in a heap driven mad by it all and then pumped full of meds to help reduce the load, but you dont really lighten the load you just sink in the quicksand (i think)


I think many of us can relate to what you say. We have a condition and have to take debilitating drugs to keep it in check. Life is harder, I guess the trick is to just accept it and make the best out of it, and not give up hope that things can improve, if not symptom or meds wise, at least positive things can still happen in our lives if we keep the door open.

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