Having schizophrenia is like living in 2 realities at once, but the true reality will reveal itself

As the title said, this is how I feel. The first reality is that everything is fine and ok (what therapists, doctors or even what your family/friends would say) and the other reality (what they would consider delusions/hallucinations) is actually a Earthly, cosmic and universal war that we are fighting against demonic energies.

To me, there has been too many coincidences of the latter (spritual warfare) and things that make me think we are living in the End Times/Last Days such as seeing numbers such as 666 more often. I have questioned where these voices and hallucinations come from and it happens for a reason. Also reading news stories like how Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp was shut down due to a whistle-blower and it goes much deeper than that because there are more whistle blowers against the powers that be in all kinds of social media. There’s more than what’s on the surface. Also, whether there are other life forms on Earth and beyond that are controlling things and if there are clones/robots among us.

I also believe it’s bad to have drug induced treatment because with my experience, it has caused physical and mental damage and my brain doesn’t feel the same. I feel they try to bring me down spiritually and that these mental institutions and psych wards don’t really address the issues as to why these things that happen actually happen and dismiss feelings of spiritual warefare as psychosis when it is much more than that and it shows something is wrong with this world (matrix) due to more patients being admitted to these institutions. There’s a reason for it and it must not be ignored. The country Norway is the first to introduce non drug free treatment which is great because imo it’s possible to treat symptoms without those antipsychotics without destroying the body.

Basically, to me, there is more that’s going on with this world than what’s going on in the surface and we are seriously fighting demonic energies and they feed off of fe, sacrifices, MK-Ultra programming and creating barriers such as money to keep us under control. It literally becomes the strongest and most fit survive and the love of many has turned cold. The best thing to do is to not let the symptoms overwhelm you, because you are not alone. Keep searching for truth and keep elevating yourself spiritually. Also, creating things whether it’s art, music, literature is good to release any stress or hardships you may have because they all depict the true reality in some way.

Try to stay out of these institutions if you can because it keeps you under governmental control which can influence how you live your life and like I said, the medication can do severe damage. Try not to let your symptoms get the best of you because somethings are better kept to yourself instead of depending on a government sponsored therapist or doctor because it would just lead you to an institution, further leading you astray in the matrix syste… I have been through this 4 times and I am going to try my best not to let it happen anymore because I know the goals of the wicked is to destroy humanity, nature, and possibly the universe and energies with a conscious.

I was told some things by someone about other kinds of beings and aliens that leads me to the cosmic war reality and I was seeing certain things before and after that led me to believe it wasn’t just a coincidence. There are even tv shows and movies about this and numbers and art. Makes me feel that it’s not just a coincidence and more truth will reveal itself in due time. Also, try to pay more attention to nature, shapes, colors and patterns. It’s the universe telling you something. Stay strong out there and know you aren’t alone and there is a reason why you are going through that you’re going through and that pain doesn’t last forever and the light of truth will free us from this bondage.

This is just one of many quotes in your post I could have highlighted. I’ll be honest with you. To me, it sounds like you are still sick LoveisKind. Your seeing a number has no bearing on what is happening in the real world. Schizophrenics in psychosis are often drawn to such things as these and see them as more than what they are. You sound quite ill. But I am glad that you offered a word of hope at the end anyway. I hope that you are still receiving treatment for your illness. Good luck.

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Having an opinion doesn’t make me ill but how I react to it can mean I’m ill. You can be given news you don’t want to hear but what makes you strong is how you react to it. By basically not letting it get the best of you and I.

But it is true that certain numbers and colors associate with the powers that be/the wicked like 666 and the color red as a spiritual representation but that is just a layer in this matrix we are living in on Earth. Colors and numbers are natural hues and frequencies that have been manipulated for power and control on Earth. That’s not an ill statement but a fact.

So are you telling me, that you believe that you believe that some power is making 666 pop up more frequently? Are they going out and printing up signs with the number 666 on it so that is comes up more frequently? Are they controlling your eyes to make you look at 666 numbers more frequently? Exactly how would someone have the power to make 666 become a more prominent in your view? Don’t you think that it is more likely that you are just noticing it more because you are looking for it? As far as the color red goes…I mean cmon…how could you come up with anything more mundane. The color red is everywhere and has been long before you and I were ever born.

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666 can also represent 6 protons, neutrons and electrons which is carbon. 666 doesn’t have to be associated with evil but with the wicked/powers that be they associate 666 with the energy of Satan/the Baphomet. Even the Bible says 666 is the Mark of the Beast (Satan) and the color red is a natural hue or frequency but it is known that the devil is also associated with that color. Even celebrities that sold their soul have expressed selling their soul to the devil in music, literature and art and affiliate themselves with 666. I was seeing it more often on social media in posts and likes. That’s why discernment has to be used to differentiate between demonic/Satanic energy or pure spiritual energy because either number or color can be used for good or bad representation. Depends on the intention of why it’s being used in the first place and didn’t know about 616, never knew about that but 666 has been associated with the devil/baphomet/Satanism for a long time.

you put a lot into this.

I read one paragraph til demonic.

it’s not accurate.

not superficial.

It is also more clearer to see that something deeper is going on in the world than what’s on the surface. It’s in the media more often. That’s why I don’t watch much news or television because it’s too much negative energy and injustice going on.

I’m not religious but spiritual but the powers that be state their intentions such as 666 as the mark of the beast in the Bible. You can look at it and study it as a historical document and not in a religious stance.

Sorry, I deleted my comment. I think your thinking is pretty organized but you are a bit out of touch.

There is such thing as demonic/Satanic energy. It’s how those in control got their power by enslavement, sacrifices, and wars. The powers that be try to control the narrative but there are more whistleblowers exposing them.

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and you’re saying that’s mental illness?

I don’t know what you call it,

maybe demented.

We don’t allow disscusion of religion, bringing the bible and demon names into this is making it religious.

Also, there may be Satanist members and we don’t need to ostracize them any more than we’d allow them to demonize Christians.