Having Nightmares But Forgetting What They Are About

Lately I’ve been literally having nightmares every night but I soon after forget the details. I simply remember they were unpleasant. In a way that’s bad because my short term memory may be beginning to fail. On the other hand I think they are worth forgetting.

I rarely have nightmares, but had one last night. I dreamed I was being attacked by a snake!

I can relate. While luckily the nightmares have been letting up and I’m slowly getting back on track, I’m prone to nightmares. I tend to forget what they were about as well, and it can be frustrating, though I’m usually glad that I can’t remember what they were made of.

I wish I could forget the more ridiculous ones. This morning: Was dogsled racing up and down sandy beaches. The ‘dogs’ were actually sea lions. Someone cut off my team in their Volkswagon Beetle and I was so mad I was tossing tins of canned pumpkin at them.

Anyone who wants to do the Freudian analysis of that is welcome to knock themselves out. I don’t know where to start.

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I always have odd dreams. Some more recent ones:

  1. A giant, talking, green spider who taught kids mathematics
  2. Being stuck in a mental hospital with Adolf Hitler, who was in greyscale and very, very upset about modern society with things like the civil rights movement and the LGBT rights movement. He was having a very severe crisis because of it all and I was taking great pleasure in telling him about it all and the fact that I was bisexual. That was a very enjoyable dream.

But I do have a lot of nightmares, unfortunately. Fortunately, I forget them all just like you do.