Having high hart rate

My hart rate is very high, but i dont want to take medication, is it ok too have 110 hart rate.

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No its not ok. See a doctor. You probably can’t even sleep I bet

Mine shoots up to 160 occasionally when I’m at rest. Consistently high heart rate is not good, and I’m seeing a cardiologist for mine. Would recommend the same to you.



I run as high as 160 bpms when I’m exercising. But 110 bpms at rest for any long period is almost always an indicator of autonomic nervous system arousal (see

). This often occurs in sz pts when they slip into prolonged paranoid thinking and start to “wrench up” into “fight or flight.”

While all manner of (potentially dangerous) meds will kick the bpms back down (often too much), most pts can learn how to use MBSR techniques to bring their heart rates and blood pressure down the way the Buddhist monks do.

See also:


Also worth mentioning, too much caffeine, smoking, and drinking can cause high heart rate. Less common causes are mitral valve problems and coronary artery disease. It’s probably due to what @notmoses is saying, but you should probably get checked out by a heart doc to make sure it’s not something more serious.



and @Groove

Good stuff, as well. If the high bpms continue, get checked out.

Cigarettes really spike blood pressure for like thirty minutes then wear off. I know that because I learned it in class and have high blood pressure and used to smoke a pack.

Our cortisol levels can be screwy too…basically what pixel and Moses said