Having had a brush with death


When I was 16, I was in a car accident that could have killed me. I was reliving it (since I was recently rear ended) and felt like I was sitting there in the drivers seat after the crash thinking “Maybe I SHOULD have died.” Now that I am 74, I think seriously about death as I am well aware that I am slowly declining in health and ability and death is always inevitable. Well, should or shouldn’t, it is also a matter of could or couldn’t. I can’t die because I don’t know how to. Anyway, I’m working to accept the idea that this is God’s decision, not mine. So, instead of considering suicide, I should concentrate on my relationship with my maker. :heartpulse:


As I’m getting older I’m thinking about death more.
I’m not as afraid of it anymore.

I just don’t want to suffer so much.


When in your 60’s you think about death every month.
When in your 70’s you think about it every week.
When in your 80’s you think about death every day.
When in your 90’s you think about death ALL OF THE TIME.
It makes me laugh but it’s probably true.


I’m in my 50’s but I’m starting to think about it more.

I think you are onto something @chordy.


@chordy oh dear you are precious to me. I wish you many years of health and happiness.


Near death car accidents aren’t fun.


God loves you Chordy


I think having SZ not makes you want to live too long. IT’s kind of sad but I’m 35 and don’t really want to live that long.