Having disturbing thoughts intruding on my peace of mind

I used to clean boat hulls in Panama City Beach, FL in the eighties…you had to use muriatic acid to eat away the barnacles. had to wear goggles and gloves to do it. It is nothing to fool with. stay far away from it.

Anyways, I am getting thoughts of muriatic acid harming me and I am not afraid but I am haunted by the images of what muriatic acid could do to me.

I think I’m going to up my dose of fluphenazine five milligrams.

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Oh geeze, that;s awful! I get that, too, can’t imagine having to work with acid!

Yea, I think if you’re having that kind of imagination that you can’t control, upping a med might work.
When I got that, it was too vivid, the only thing that worked was meds. I tried talking about it but it didn’t help and in fact made everyone around me uncomfortable since I’d be like, “I keep seeing myself getting hit by a car” or worse and nobody likes to hear that.

Condolences on your imagination! Hopefully, you don’t have to handle acid anymore. If so, hopefully upping meds will alleviate all that

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@HQuinn thank you for your kind words. I guess trying to handle the stress of making it from paycheck to paycheck is affecting my stability. I am making better of it by cooking things like ribeye steaks and rice pudding. Food comforts me though I hardly eat much every day. I try to treasure how good food tastes and my bad thoughts go away mostly. but they are still there once an hour or so. man, I hope my fluphenazine doesn’t stop working !!

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