Having/developing/recognizing passive aggresive tendencies... is a pain

So got roomates… still.

For me it’s like psychological warfare. They just want to dick off like they just got out of highschool… average age 29.

And I am paying for ■■■■■■■ everything. Unemployed ■■■■■■■ smoking pot all day… feeling sorry for himself and weak in the face of the challenge of finding employment. I’d understand if he was MI… he’s not. He’s a mouch, no doubt. Upon having that realization firmly seated I became quite frustrated.

Now I can’t have a moment of down time without feeling anger and rumination, wholly robbed of peace.

Bah… I ended my internet services… Just to ■■■■■■■ put the guy in check.

Totally my right. My apartment, my lease, my bills, me paying…

but damn I hate how this feels. The guy can’t take himself across the line of knowing what work is… How doing it makes you more… how different it is to carry oneself entirely, versus, people who don’t. (No offense intended… this guy isn’t mentally ill. Just an average lazy shmo.)

… got my schizo head-wrecked… yet again. Does it end?

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