Having constipation

@labratmat I’ve got constipation like really bad… I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to BM yesterday (thankfully I was able to) I took fiber after so maybe today will be better… No one told me about this… Is this normal for someone with celiac? If not what did I do wrong??

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There can be any number of reasons for constipation. The AP meds can be one of them. It is not just celiac disease.

Fibre usually does the trick.

Sorry I can’t be of further help on this matter.

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Thanks @labratmat I can always count on you to help and be informational on things like this thank you

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Have you tried miralax? Works good for me.


@Nate my stepdad was on that… He said it was really strong and the fiber seems to be doing well for me

Hey must be and old duffa like me, we need the strong stuff to get the old pipes working.


@Nate lol I bet I’m just glad the fiber is working

I’m lactose intolerant, so if I ever feel constipated I just have a glass of milk :joy:
Coffee also seems to do the trick, but it’s a double edged sword. While coffee helps the bowels move what is already there, it makes the next load of crap to be produced more dry, which can make it harder to pass.

Have you tried psyllium / ispaghulu / plantago, it has a load of fibers, and it keeps working as long as you take it (you don’t build up tolerance)

Coffee always gets things up and running for me.

…Maybe it was something you ate, @Twialine?


@lofifunk wow didn’t know that thank you

@Miika @Schztuna @bluebutterfly thanks everyone for thoughts and suggestions


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