Having children just to be mean

And don’t say it doesn’t happen.

That sounds like some sociopathic stuff.

Usually there’s an urge to recreate the abuse that was done to them


Kids happen to any human, and animals. Sorry.

Some of the men do have the wrong taste sadly. Male raised around sex abuse likes it usually.

Not to be mean. As a joke.

I can’t imagine anybody would have a child just to be mean.

I had that thought as a child. I don’t think I ever outgrew it.

Having a child so they get schizophrenia. Now that’s ■■■■■■ up!

I don’t understand why male survivors of sexual abuse are more likely to become abusers, but the same isn’t true for female survivors. How does that make sense?

Maybe because females’ responsibility is about nurturing and so they are more aware of the consequences.

now that is weird! i am a survivor of schizophrenia and i would never become an abuser! does that shake your view or is it just an sideissue compared to all the guys who abuse people?

This is about survivors of sexual abuse, not survivors of schizophrenia. And I’m only referring to studies that show men who survive sexual abuse are more likely to become abusers, but women who survive sexual abuse are not. Nowhere did I say all male survivors of sexual abuse become abusers. Here is the study.

what does it matter if you never meet these 2% of the population and never come in contact with (unless you have?) seriously i like you as a person but you quote the most ridicoulos stuff there is.

It is a published scientific study. I was just wondering about the results. Are you trying to get another ban?

you know about all of my bans :smiley: now that is interesting !!!

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that women are more likely than men to receive adequate therapy. Our society still holds a stereotypical view that men can’t be the victims of sexual abuse because they must have wanted it anyways.

now youre being really weird. how can men have wanted it when they abused at the age like 4-10? they didnt have any desire to be abused at that age… its strange that you write that way but i assure you boys dont have any sexual needs at that age they feel disgusted when people treat them sexuallly.

I don’t know how often this occurs, but anyone who would do such a thing must be totally alienated and full of hate. What a way to live.

Hence why I said it was a problematic view. You might notice I was disparaging that view rather than endorsing it.

im not saying youre endorsing it i was just worried youre suggesting that boys who are raped at the age if boyhood become predators but i can assure you its a mental issue if it werer the case because boys who are young dont like any sexuality and if it happens to them its a trauma and their later sexuality might encourage them to do similar deeds not because they like it but because it was done to them they might do it again as some sort of weird tradition or whatever