Having bad anxiety

Im having bad anxiety. I keep thinking about dying. I can’t stop. It’s so upsetting. I don’t want to die. I don’t know how to cope with this.


I say this all the time to anyone who has high anxiety. Take a walk. Just through your neighbourhood or a park.

I went for an hour walk twice today and I feel great.

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I live in a bad area. Cant take walks alone.

Do you take any supplements with your meds?

I used to worry about a lot of stuff but since I started taking this (1000mg/day)


I don’t really worry anymore. It might be worth a go.

Edit: Actually this is the link I meant


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I haven’t been to the Dr in months. My transmission went out on my truck. Now I don’t have a way to the Dr. My life kinda sucks right now.

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Try to take some deep breaths try to think of what’s causing your distress.

Sorry for your pain. I feel for you. Is there a distress line you can call now. I think if you just Google distress line you can find one 24-7. Would that help a little?


You sound like a commercial @everhopeful

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