Having a rough night

I am having a very rough night with voices screaming at me that I am worthless and a bad personality and should kill myself. The worst part is the voices sound like my sister and my friends and it feels like they are really saying these things to me. I feel like everyone has abandoned me and I am unlovable. I don’t know if this is all from my schizophrenia but I just feel awful like I cannot take one more second like this

I had a voice which sounded like an aunt of mine but she was far away at her home. It could not be possible to be true.

It has everything to do with your schizophrenia. Rest assured, that you are lovable and that you haven’t been abandoned. You’re having a bad night. Is there something you can do to distract yourself from the voices? Do you have any as required medication to take to help settle things down?


I am trying to study for a test I have this week but so far not getting anything done. I take Ziprasidone Prozac and trazadone but none of them is helping me tonight


Yeah, i’ve been taking Ziprasidone but it hasn’t worked for me that well. Still got breakthrough symptoms. So i’ve started Clozaril today.

Sorry to hear nothing is helping. But my statement stands - you are lovable and you haven’t been abandoned. Don’t listen to what those voices say. They are spreading lies.


I also have a voice which says that i should die.

I love you. I know it’s hard. Just dont fall in too deep. You’re not alone.

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