Having a no spend week. Goal to budget and save money

From today I’m having a no spend week. I’ve done my weeks shop. I’m withdrawing £10 out the ATM for my coffees out during the week and thats all I’m spending. I want to budget better and save more money and not rely on spending money everyday which is a problem for me. That £10 for coffee will get me 10 £1 coffees from weatherspoons pub here in town and its free refills and I think decent coffee, Its mainly going there as its something to do with my support staff and gets me out the house.


Good luck! It is nice to want better control.

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Good luck with the no spend week and 1£ coffees seems a reasonable price. I spend once or twice a week 5€ on a Starbucks coffee. It’s something I spend on.

Good move! 15 char

99p coffee and free refills from machine. Weatherspoons in uk

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