Having a happy night tonight because of flowers

Earlier in the day I was scolding myself for buying a bouquet of flowers but tonight as I stare at them, I am calmed with a feeling of peace from the beauty of the flowers…just a bunch of colored daisy type flowers, but I forgot how important flowers were to me. I have Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles playing right now…and my night is complete. Just put a pot of coffee on and plan on just being happy tonight. I haven’t been happy in quite a while. Is it just the flowers?


I don’t know. Sometimes everything just comes together and we get a little reprieve from this disease.


My dad used to love flowers too, especially wildflowers.

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I’m glad you decided to splurge on yourself. It’s like, for a moment, we’re living the life we want to be living.

Enjoy your evening. :hibiscus:

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I think what I just figured out about being happy tonight is that I just got done visiting my step brother, whom I consider a brother and we were talking about my step dad (I call him dad) having lymphoma and that his end is near. My dad has had a long slow road of recovery over 2 strokes and an aenyrism (sp). He’s not in too much pain it’s just that he literally shrinks as each day goes by. He’s not emaciated yet, but I haven’t seen him without his clothes either. He looks very frail and kind of has this wide eyed look in his eyes…I’m ready to let it go, and I think that’s why the flowers were so beautiful tonight. I saw it as a sign of change. Today I also thought that I would start saving up for a new car. That really cheered me up too.

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I’m a guy… and I like flowers…

I like to grow sunflowers and roses…

Flowers can be very cheery… and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I’m glad to hear you’ve had a good day.


thank you @SurprisedJ I love you. That’s really cool you grow sunflowers and roses…so beautiful.

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