Having a cold is so frustrating

My mind is full of ideas and the body is saying “I just can’t do it.” I have to slow down and warm up - very difficult.

I like having a cold because it gives me permission to rest and not think I have to be doing anything.

My cold isn’t that well developed yet. I should say I am frustrating the cold instead of the cold is frustrating me.

Haven’t been sick in years, i just don’t go out so i don’t catch anything.

It’s fantastic.

I saw a woman shopping with the flu one day for halloween crap, i thought “is the halloween crap worth spreading a potentially fatal disease around?” I would like to think the answer is no.

get well soon chordy xxx

Just finished setting up the vaporizer with Vicks. :hankey: :cold_sweat:

How are you doing today?

Hey BakedBeans, whatcha been eating nowadays?

Apples. Plenty of apples. :apple: :green_apple:

Well they are good for you. Don’t you want to branch out and have some variety in your diet?

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That could explain the dizzy spells. :dizzy: :star:

Need to eat more than :apple: :green_apple: :apple: :green_apple:

An :apple: :green_apple: a day might not keep the doctor away. :ambulance:

Yes, that might explain the dizzy spells.
Here’s some ideas for food:
A variety of other fruit.
Eating different colors of vegetables is healthy; green, red, yellow.
Meat. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, turkey. Bake or microwave or broil. A George Foreman grill would be ideal, they’re relatively cheap, but a little bit of a pain to clean.
Multi-grain bread: NEVER white bread.
Occasional pasta: whole grain.
As a treat: canned chili, canned ravioli, canned pasta in sauce.
Dairy: Non-fat milk, cottage cheese, regular cheeses in moderation, eggs, cream cheese.

Breakfast: One-minute oatmeal. Non sugary dry cereal.

I don’t mean for this to be overwhelming. I’m not suggesting you buy all this at once. Pick and choose what you want. Slowly incorporate these things into your diet.
Maybe invest in some cookware. Buy some pots and pans.They will last for years.
One question: Do you not buy nutritious food because you don’t like to shop?

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Have three bags of oatmeal+powdered milk in my pantry+frozen banana’s in freezer= breakfast :banana:

Two loaves of whole wheat bread+organic peanut butter+Welch’s grape jam= Lunch

1 mega size package of dried black beans+hamburger buns= Black Bean burgers for supper

I only go to stores that have self serve checkout. :blush:

I hate going to the market so I buy three weeks of groceries at once. I will make a trip if I run out of milk or bread. But if I see something I usually buy and it’s on sale I will stock up on it . Remember a few months ago when we were talking about this? In case you don’t remember,a couple of us told you that it’s just as easy to buy different canned foods other than just beans. Its still holds true. If you are already in the market and you are already in the vegetable section it is just as easy to buy DIFFERENT vegetables.Or of you are in the canned food section already it
is not much harder to pick up some soup, or canned vegetables, or tuna. You’re right there. I hope I am not bothering you with all this.

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I’ve got a headache but the cold is not bothering me.