Having a beard is mind blowingly convenient



you are not invisible!!


Trimmed my beard really short some weeks ago.


I keep a short goatee…still have to shave the rest but it’s better than shaving the whole thing…I have a baby face without my beard.


I got a babyface without the beard. Look horribel.


some call it a beard, i call it an auto-bib



I had a boyfriend once who had an awesome beard. When he shaved it off, I felt really deceived, because he looked nothing like I’d imagined!


I’ve never shaved, not once in my whole life… I still haven’t grown a beard… :wink:


attention anyone who has a beard: Do not shave it off, you will instantly regret it!


Never grown a beard. I’m afraid birds will nest in it. My last bf had a beard. Not my thing.


I agree on that. Dunno why I trim mine sometimes.


Plus you can catch bits of food in it… snacks for later :heart_eyes:


Sies spiderpug that’s disgusting haha


Muahaha 1515151


My ex husband wore a long, black beard for most of the time period that we were married. He knew I hated it. As soon as we were divorced, he shaved it off. I swear that man really hated me. He showed all the signs. And he claims to love me now??? Too f-ing bad!!!


My beard is coming along pretty well.

I think it’s about 1/4th of an inch long.

I haven’t been growing it for a very long time though.


I’m growing my beard back :smile:
It now about a week old.
I’m going to keep it short and trimmed, almost stubble like.


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