Having a beard is mind blowingly convenient


I don’t have to shave regularly. I just use the beard trimmer for 3 minutes every week.

My beard is grey which gives the impression I’m old and wise and not just old . :grinning:

I hope it also makes me a bit more invisible.


I’m growing out my beard as well.

It’s too cold here to be clean shaven.

But I have to agree, beards are convenient.


I shaved my grey beard a while ago.
I now have stubble that I let grow in.

I buzz over it with a trimmer like once a week.

It’s easier than shaving.


I do the same thing. I just hit it with the trimmer now and then. I haven’t used an actual razor in i-don’t-know-how-long.


I shave at least once a week. When it gets itchy I shave it off so I have never really had a beard before. Can’t get to that point.


at the risk of sounding like dwight shrute, it insulates your neck, warming the cold air making you more resistant to cold while hunting. “the more you know”


I have my beard since summer. Really proud of her


It’s way hot out here guys and girls and having a beard is good!

I don’t need sunscreen on those parts and it’s good if your playing cricket in plus 30 degrees C heat!

On top of that. A beard adds 30% social media cool and for selfies and even the good girls/boys like a guy with a beard!

Well done all and sundry on this thread!


It is, but I liked my beard better when it was dark. Now it is a salt and pepper affair, and it looks bad to me when it is really short.


I too have a beard. I used to shave daily. For the past two years or so I only shave about once or twice a month.


was thinking about trimming mine and my hair on top as well but i cant be bothered, i have an interview for a job today as well :slight_smile:


I don’t cut my beard with a razor I just trim it often with the trimmer. It’s fine this way.


You certainly save a lot of money on razor blades! My husband has a long salt and pepper beard and I love it. i don’t miss shelling out twenty five bucks for four blades!



From a female point of view i find beards on men really gorgeous. Go for it guys! :blush:


My beard is my friend


This guy looks like he feeds his beard… Its practically its own entity





haha :slight_smile: 405387404