Having a bad day today!

Nightmares last night…leads me to having a bad day on the forum…or in general. Anxiety building up. Gonna take a break and read. Be back later y’all!


do what U wish…!!
i know bad time passes fast…!!!

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Hope it gets better!

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Take care. I hope you feel better soon. :v:

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Feel better soon.

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Has your day improved any?

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Yes by a lot thanks for asking

Going to aa later too


well, I’m glad you are feeling better. good luck.

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how are you doing today turningthepage?


BAD day too. Took a tumble and may have broken a rib. Have to wait and see. No way I am going to a hospital to get it checked. I don’t trust doctors. Other than that, I have scratches and scars on my lower back. I did not even notice them until I caught site of them in the bathroom mirror out of the corner of my eye. Nasty looking, but painless.

But then there is the bright side. Schizophrenia crushed my life to smithereens, so even a busted rib is a big positive in comparison. Relatively speaking of course.

Moving on…Turning the page.

I read in my book that us szs are more tolerant to pain? Like physical pain! Sometimes it could be bad because our ailments can go unnoticed.

And I also read I’m not the only sz who would be willing to trade their arm for good mental health.

I’m doing much better now on the right med so there is hope. I just had a bad morning because of the nightmares…but doing good since.

Well things are getting much worse here.

Usually when I have some physical illness to deal with, then in comes the schizo torture full force to top it off. Well it’s at it again. My left hip is undregoing an attack that feels like the snake of all evil is crawling all over it, and done so in a manner that can drive anyone insane. My left hip gets attacked as well but feels like it is being pinched along with a burning sensation. The top of my head feels like there is a slow creepy crawly piece of scum from hell moving around in a slow slippery slidy kind of manner.

But the worst of it is repetition.

This is not knew. It has being repeated day after day, over and over, year after year for over a decade. Only the last few years had it tapered. Anyhow, the mind just says I can’t take it anymore. Not looking good at all.

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