Haven't we learned enough from violence

there is a man in this restaruant that im in that has a gun in a holster. Now its his right by law to carry, but seeing a gun makes me think…haven’t we proved we can destroy the world 10 times over with our creation of nuclear weapons, guns and missiles. Will there be any end to this striving for destruction. Will it take lazer rifles and guns that make people explode from the inside to learn that all our progress in the field of destruction will result in destruction. We’ve seen the horrors of violence from, hiroshima, to kent state, to 911, to the constant mass shootings in America. Will it end i cry! Will the killing end! If we put as much time in creating as we do destroying we would have a much more pleasent world to live in.
But who am i to judge violence, maybe its part of the balance of creating. U must destroy to create i guess. But its become such an excess that i feel the balance of creation and destruction has leaned more toward destruction. Be a soldier of peace and love everyone. Look at ur anger toward other people and really evaluate any hate u have for people and ask urself “is it worth it? Would killing this person end my suffering?”

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You don’t see that where I am, people openly carrying guns and yet as I hear half our state legislature is packing heat when they convene at the state house. I know you can get a license to carry a concealed weapon, I’ve known quite a few drug dealers who had one, but I don’t think you can openly carry one. The last city I lived in had a lot of gun violence for a city it’s size but since moving back to my hometown which has just as much the drug problem just not the poverty it’s virtually unheard of to hear about a shooting or even an armed robbery. I don’t like guns myself, I’m a terrible shot too. I helped an acquaintance move some furniture once and I’m sitting on the edge of his bed shooting his gun into his closet where he had set up his own firing range and I couldn’t hit a target just a few feet away.

I recently saw on the news that this woman who was an activist for gun rights who’d said that her firearms protected her children was shot through the back while driving by her four year old son…it’s like…I don’t know, that’s messed up, if anything makes you question you’re views it’s gotta be that.

Lazer rifles can’t be tracked. Nor plasma rifles. Or directed microwaves.

Invisible death all around.

People are ignorant to it anyway.

Listen Kazuma. Be a good non-violent person and support those who are and we’ll take over.

You should watch “The men who stare at goats” if you haven’t.

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“the men who stare at goats”

great movie…most realistic film presentation of a bunch of people on LSD that I’ve ever seen, exactly what would happen.


Yes we have learned a lot from violence. Some of the things we have learned include:

  1. There have always been and will always be sinister people who try to hurt others.
  2. People can always find ways to make weapons, hell you can make shrapnel bombs out of things you can buy around town.

Something else we understand is that some people have a very strong flight response and almost no fight response. These people tend to be very unsure of themselves, and are more likely to freeze up or try to run in the event of a crisis. These people are usually very uncomfortable with learning to wield weapons because the idea of fighting makes them feel faint and they lack the necessary confidence.

Rather than seeing such people as cowards, many of us believe that these people just need to be protected. That guy in the restaurant likely understands all of the this stuff, and since he is capable, he has chosen to be someone who learned how to wield a weapon and went through all of the legal training and procedures to be allowed to do so. He has taken up that responsibility so that if there had been some sinister person trying to hurt you and others in the restaurant, that man with the gun would have been the one to put his life on the line to try to protect you. Since people like you would be the ones freezing up, panicking or trying to crawl under the table which wouldn’t protect you from anything.

Do you understand these things?

You know where I’m conflicted is not the concept that we need the right to bear arms as a means to protect ourselves from criminals, hell I’ve known criminals who had no need for guns. But when where I’m conflicted is where the right to bear arms actually conceptualized which is basically if the government has the right to bear them so do it’s citizens. I’m pretty liberal in my politcal views and detest the obsesion this country has with guns, which it is, it’s a raving mad obsession. But when it comes down to it, I feel like if the police forces and the military are as well armed as they are then it’s citizens have every right to be wary and armed. But you know what…they’ve managed to pull off some god awful invasions of our liberty and national integrity as armed as we are.

So…conflicted. I’d decalre myself a leftist leaning libertarian if I gave a ■■■■. I’ve got enough problems and horrors to think much about politics.

Carrying a gun is not committing violence. Neither is my carrying a bow. Both could be viewed as a deterrent to violence. I routinely have a pocket knife with me – it’s not encouraging violence unless I actually use it to attack someone.


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On that note I highly recommend Spyderco for people who want self-defense but are scared of firearms. Spyrderco makes some absolutely amazing self-defense folders and they make them in many sizes to accommodate the legal carrying sizes of various locations.

This little Delica is great for beginners. The serrations are great, and circle you see in the blade is designed so that you can open the blade with one hand quickly using your thumb. It’s small enough to be legal carry in most places, and because it’s a well-made folder, you don’t need to worry about it being dangerous in your pocket or anything:

For home defense I’d highly recommend their civilian. This one is too lengthy to be legal carry in some places, but it is an absolutely brutal design meant for people who have no combat training. Its design is centered around the loss of fine motor skills that happens to most people when they get very scared. It’s an excellent defense tool for the home in place of a firearm, for people who are either too scared of firearms or not allowed to own one:

Here are the two items that go everywhere with me…

Well, those and my smartphone.



Love leatherman utility tools, used to wear one on my belt everywhere I went. I have two, very cool and very handy.


Very nice. My prepper streak is swooning.

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Yea but those tools can be used to create at least.

Some tools create art. Some tools create freedom and peace. The marvel of a gun is that it provides a useful function even when it isn’t used. That’s worthwhile, too. No one of sound mind and intact morals looks forward to using a gun to take a life.


Yeah, I get where you’re coming from but the sad truth is that it would be almost impossible to stop all the
violence in the world. That’s a fact. Places like the Middle East are such complicated messes with hundreds of years of violence and animosity between countries and people that it is much more likely that they will start a world war and kill each other off before ever finding a lasting peace. And it’s that way in many areas of the world.

Humans are intelligent animals but they are still animals with violent instincts and ingrained violent tendencies and you can’t change that. Sadly, the majority of the time in the world is that the only way to get peace is through violence. And also sadly, many people don’t want to change. Some people enjoy violence and they really don’t care about being peaceful.

I may have delusions of grandure. I certainly believe everyone knows me even though there is no proof. I think my actions of all kinds have dire consequences. Like by buying a taco I somehow killed people because someone changed the radio station at the same time. Then I am wracked with guilt and pissed at everyone not telling me if that’s why the radio station changed because I think they all know.

I was in mensa once, but if the dopamine levels in my brain are off then my brain will find complicated but self convincing ways to justify it’s true. Then I feel guilty for causing death. I never get any confirmation from others… I always think they just are either miss informed or secret agents.

I once thought my own brother was a secret agent. Another time I thought my mom was. I keep thinking my dad died of west Nile as an assassination and my brain finds ways to justify it.

I once thought the illuminati moved a bathroom wall a few feet over in between my uses just to mess with me.

One of the main reasons I don’t believe in violence in self defense is because I don’t trust my own brain to know when its in danger. Hell, I have thought dozens if times the illuminati were going to kill me. I give them chances to and they don’t, but the belief comes back again and feels just as real.

I feel scared to work for fear the illuminati will kill any non white I work with. I feel a moral responsibility to phonebank but fear the illuminati will kill people I call. There is no way to tell their race before I call, but the racist illuminati would know. The last time I was hospitalized I thought other patients who wanted to eat with me for dinner were endangering themselves by talking to me.

I think people in chat rooms are paid spies or advertisers trying to get in my head. I try to reserve judgement, but then feel guilty if I don’t post online what I think. … Which is angry and judgemental.

On the topic of guns vs gov, yeah, as a pacifist it tears me up. On the one hand, I doubt my sanity so I doubt I sometimes so I doubt I could correctly identify a tyrant, and by the time a war criminal is convicted they are not in power anymore. I can’t be judge jury and executioner as a schizophrenic, not when 25 percent of those tortured in gizmo we’re innocent, a much higher percent than would be if we had habeas corpus and jury trials, so I can’t do violence myself. Plus I promised to surrender my gun rights my last hospitalization. I can’t go against my programming. I don’t break promises

But currently my delusions tell me I can beat a drum and rally others to overthrough the government at any time. I think every tv show, movie and song is about me, even the old songs from before I was born.

So I hate as a counselor that my experiences seem consistent with delusions of grandure. I keep wanting to prove myself wrong so I can feel safe when I talk to people I’m not accidentally killing people while talking to them.

But everyone else already think it’s proven I’m crazy, and the closest I get to agreeing is to say it’s a 50 percent chance. Today I feel it’s only 30 percent chance this is all in My head.

Just in case any kids died because if me, weather it was wearing s green sweater that killed them it buying a taco, I am so sorry. Any parent who lost a kid because of me, I will not act in self defense. I disagree with vengeance killing, but I would give my life up to death in a heartbeat if I thought it helped

… TL:DR sorry for my crazy rant. Double sorry if any of it is true. I trust others judgement more than my own.



Oh. My. God.

Where does the lineup start?!?

Pixacto Knife.

Sometimes when I’m feeling low I go and read reviews for real items. Check it:

And, yes, it’s a legit product:

See? There are worse things than gun violence. Much worse.


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I remember a girl I knew had both a taser and mace. I didn’t want to get shocked but I did want to know what mace was like. So I took a drop and put it on my finger and the burned so horribly bad that my eyes burned and it burned my leg right through my pants.