Havent logged on in over one month

i didnt miss it to be honest

about a month ago one of my posts was deleted and i was told by a admin that i couldnt talk about that here… i was kinda pissed and wanted to delete my account at first but then decided to take a break instead…

its disheartening that i got censored when i see other peoples posts with TW’s

think i might log back in around new years…


Stuff happens. I’ve been banned and it’s no biggie. Do your time and it’s all good. Yeah some things I don’t agree with but it’s a community and we’re all different. Even the mods have their ideas too so don’t take it to heart. Hang around. If your getting good support from most it’s worthwhile. If not then live as large as you can and develop some real life support networks.

I feel you… back in 2015, they would never ban a post… I use to post all kinds of stuff, and hey never once censored or deleted any of them, then one day in 2017, they decided it is okay to delete my posts… it’s never been the same since…

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I think @Moonbeam and her open approach to moderation was the way forward. Sad that failed.

We do need moderation and that is a no brainer but a more humanistic approach would be beneficial in my opinion and I think Moonbeam had a more forward thinking approach which moved away for the us versus them routine which was a nice thing.


maybe, but they should have just limited moderation to banning abusive/insulting posts only… right now, they are like china gov.


It is what it is. I think it becomes problematic when it becomes about personalities and not about the politic. It’s not an easy thing for most. We all have different ideas. I think a more rational and open approach is what is needed rather than slamming bans on people for sure. How you do that practically is another issue.

I miss @Moonbeam. I admire her desire to bring a more humanistic approach to moderation.


I miss her. :new_moon:


ok, what happened to @Moonbeam? she quit?

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I think so. I have no idea about the circumstance but have my suspicions.

Mods should be Regulators & mediators not enforcers, this place is not very welcoming now, they are pushing people away

OP’s thread was closed because it asked people to share their stories about being abducted by aliens and followed up by asking detailed questions about what was experienced. That’s a great way of triggering delusions in yourself and others. This is a forum for helping each other recover, not a forum for finding others who can confirm your delusional beliefs. Sorry, but that’s how we do it and how we’ll continue to do it. It’s not personal.

@noahide you already have a PM with the mods about this. Post in that one if you want to address this issue.