Haven't done chores, no will

Since my sepsis from pneumonia and minor psychotic episode last week, I haven’t had any will power to do chores. I can’t tell if it’s the sepsis (there’s this thing called post-sepsis syndrome that can cause loss of hygiene or something) or if it’s my sza acting up since the fever-induced psychosis (unless it was induced by stress of barely being kept alive, I don’t know).

I even lost my keys by leaving them in the door! My mind is a mess. Ugh.

My hands and legs hurt for some reason, around the joints (sepsis syndrome?) and then my mind is like the blankest of slates that wants to do nothing.

Haven’t felt this off since post-sza recovery back in like 2008 2009.

I’m just lucky I have some sarcosine, maybe that’ll keep my head afloat.

My dishes are just piled in the sink. My floor needs to be vacuumed. I feel like I’m wasting away. :frowning:

The only thing that keeps me alert is my cat, who is hyperactive and constantly needs to play. Thank goodness I have a cat or I might not be getting out of bed in the morning! (as is, he bites my toes around 5 am to pet and feed him).

I’m going to think of this as loss of motivation/anhedonia. How do you guys get moving? It feels like my head is in a curtain of fog or something.

I feel turbo i feel mega
Now that i do take Invega
Also known as paliperidone
Makes me stronger, makes me move on :smile:

just kidding, i don’t want to get a flag

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Then there’s two of us. I have not done chores either. I did one load of laundrytwo days ago though. I was out of t-shirts. Maybe that is what is needed. No cloths or plates. I have not even made dinner today. But it is ok. One kid is out playing…or “hangin’ around” with friends, and the other one has 39 degree fever and does not want food.

oh no! I hope he gets better!

It’s like the dishes are there, but the will power is gone. I just want to sleep. :confused:

Thank you. I hope so too. Second day with high fever.

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When I think of all the tasks I have to do, I get overwhelmed and can’t do any of them. So I just break it down into manageable chunks. I agree to do exactly one chore each day. If I’m having lots of trouble I just start with a small task. @rhubot only commits to fifteen minutes of chores at a time. Break it down in a way that seems manageable to you.


I think you should try to get to a GP about possible post sepsis syndrome. It could be serious.

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The will to do escapes me for the past few years now.
Nothing like just sitting here with a kitty hanging on my arm, my mom waiting for me to arrive, and a millon pieces of papers to sort and copy by tommorrow.

Thanks! I called and made an appointment for the 10th. Hopefully, it will pass, but just in case I’ll go tell my doctor everything


I hear ya, I’m doing dishes for the first time in days. Well, I washed a few so far; the remainder I will let soak while the scalding-hot water cools a bit, to where I can put my hands in it. This is all I’ve done since I woke from my nap a couple hours ago, but I have had a kind of productive day, even if I didn’t go to work today like I was supposed to do.

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