Haven't checked in in a while

Wish I had some good news, but I had to stop the luvox, it failed miserably and on only 25mg it made me extremely unstable, ive been having frequent mood swings and angry outbursts, all of my relationships are very strained, my room mate might be leaving, and none of my doctors seem to have any idea of what to do. I think my clinician is thinking about putting me into inpatient. I stopped the luvox and they put me back on seroquel, but I don’t think it’ll help anything but my sleep this time around either.

Have you tried other meds? If you don’t mind me asking what was your diagnosis?

I have a range of symptoms that could be attributed to many disorders, but I’m starting to think it could all be the lingering effects of brain damage from the car accident. I show symptoms of ocd, residual psychosis, post concussive syndrome, there was talk I might be bipolar, but I was looking into narcolepsy in particular and it doesn’t always manifest with sleep attacks, and can cause nearly all my symptoms.

Officially I’m diagnosed schizophrenia spectrum, PTSD, post concussive, severe anxiety and unspecified depressive disorder, although I spent some time in an outpatient partial hospitalization and they started treating me for ocd

OCD is also commonly attributed to tbi as well.

Have you mentioned narcolepsy to them? You never know, you might be right.

I’m getting a sleep study on the 26th, it’s always more testing x_x

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I think Luvox is causing insomnia for me & anger too.

Hey @MisterWaffles Where you At?

brain injury can cause DID, not to try to throw another disorder at ya.