Haven't been depressed in this winter

We have got a lot of snow in this winter already, gladly I have not been depressed in this winter. I’m waiting that the spring comes and that I’ll be able to ride my bicycle.


I’m looking forward to spring but not keen on summer as it can get way too hot
Hope you enjoy riding your bike


In 2018 I rode my bicycle when it was winter, but I fell twice, gladly I was not hurt, in this winter I decided not to ride my bicycle because I may fall due to the frozen bicycle paths.

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Hope you wear a helmet

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Yes, I have a helmet, got it in 2018, but still I do not ride my bicycle in this winter.

Well it’ll be all the more sweeter when spring comes

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Spring will be great, I try nót to become depressed in this winter, cold, dark and snow do not make it easier.

I don’t like snow and ice it is hazardous
If I stay in I might get depressed but I suppose the snow is pretty and as long as you got a warm home you can put up with it

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When there is ice one can fall even when just walking. I went to the store once and the parking lot of this store was totally icy and I fell, gladly I did not hurt myself,

Me neither usually I’m depressed by now. Actually don’t think I’m gonna get depressed this winter. It’s a miracle!!!

It was exactly a year ago today I remember I started my yearly 4 month break from the board.


Glad to hear you’ve avoided the depression @mjseu. Spring will be here before you know it and you’ll be back on your bike!

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