Haven't been assigned a Case Manager

The Chief Operations Manager with my psychiatric care provider just emailed me and said I haven’t been assigned a Case Manager just yet. My old one no longer works there, and it’s been maybe six weeks since he left. They just hired a new guy.

My main concern is if I need something such as seeing the psychiatrist, who am I going to call? Also my landlord and doctor need an emergency contact person. It would be nice to have someone to talk to as well.

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I would follow up and stay on top of it until they assign you someone. I missed my last video appointment with my pdoc and have to reschedule that but i keep forgetting. Hopefully I’ll get it done today.


Call every couple days until you get assigned a new case manager. When you call, ask about how to get an appointment with your pdoc

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I guess they are focusing on clients who can’t manage their own money, deal with the landlord, doctor’s appointments, ect. I pretty much manage all my own affairs.

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