Have Your Voices Got More Frequent & Aggressive During Lockdown

I have noticed this over the last few days, they are even more like a bitchy Twitter storm, has anybody else notice theirs ‘voices’ getting more hissy and busy.

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Lol twitchy storm. I’m gonna keep an eye out for twitchy storm. Lol. That’s good.

They’re more like leadfoot bus drivers. Run over ■■■■ and keep going.

hi roxy not shore what you mean, though stay safe during lockdown!!

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They said that iam the one the weakest and they made the whole corona virus thing for me

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Yeah it’s ticking me off. I get insulted a lot lately by the voices. I just want the world to go back to the way it was, I didn’t realize how much I took for granted.

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Yeah, I had that thought as well mate, hope your doing fine Jesse, I think thats down to being isolated .

You should make a poll about the worsening of voices and other symptoms during lockdown.

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I am doing fine thank you bored at home

Well yes but I think it has to do with an adjustment to my meds that included a lower dose of my AP. I think the timing with the quarantine is a coincidence. I’m not too scared of covid-19.

Very good point raised y76, it would make more sense, as they are bpred at home!( meaning the voices)

I have made the poll.

No it didn’t as long as I am taking my meds.

Some what they say this whole Corona thing is about me cuz they used to call me a king

Not voices, but delusions got out of control first time in years. Also because of other life events.

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