Have you used Zoom

I have never used Zoom. However I heard that it is quite popular during today’s coronavirus crisis. I heard that our local JWs do not meet physically, but they use Zoom to have their meetings (80 people).

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I downloaded it, but have not used it yet, no one to chat to LOL

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Yeah everyweek my relatives holding zoom meetings, yet can’t be bothered to even talk to us before this outbreak… lol

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I was invited by our local JWs to participate in their Zoom meetings, but I declined politely. It is good that the internet community has this type of solutions for having meetings, especially during this crisis.

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I quite like it btw, I also have it on my desktop and I use it with the snapchat camera to add a bit of fun filters


I’ve used it in a browser but not the actual client/program. I read a few people criticising it as a program and I don’t like downloading programs for no reason. The browser version isnt as fully featured but it works.

All the time for my kid’s school.

I haven’t used it yet. But I might soon to connect with family

Yeah I use it for school it’s definitely not my cup of tea I like in person interactions because I believe someone is watching me through my camera :eyes:

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