Have you truly lived?

At age 44 I look back on my teenage years and think to myself how the hell did I survive or not end up in prison?

I was completely out of control growing up. I was the biggest menace in the school. They had me labeled as mentally disturbed.

I had a high IQ but no interest in learning. To me from the age of 13 life was one big party. Some classes I liked some I didn’t. I would completely fail one class but ace another.

I went to school high every day. My school had a art program through the local collage and there were only 9 kids in the class. I was the only one that got excepted from my grade.

Some of the stuff I saw and did was unreal growing up. I tell people the stuff I’ve seen and even my close friends think I’m full of it.

It all came crashing down when I got schiz at age 20. I’ve been shot at robbed at gunpoint. I had a butcher knife held to my throat.

I was one of the biggest drug dealers in my area. 2 months after I quit and ened up with schiz I picked up the paper and all of my former contacts were on the front page.

It seemed as tho I dodged bullets at every turn and got away with it.

I ran from the police once and had the entire city of cops looking for me including a helicopter and I got away.

I stole my step dads Porsche and I did 140 mph for 7 minutes. I was dodging in and out of cars like a nascar driver.

I survived 2 really bad car accidents. One accident my car was practically ripped in half. The other car I rolled on the free way and got ejected. I landed in the grass without a scratch.

I had no fear and I lived life on the edge. I swear someone above had to of been looking out for me.

I’ve got even wilder stories but the mods might come after me if I told them.

Here I am all these years later and the highlight of my day is feeding my aquarium fish.

I miss the stuff I did when I was young. I’m just thankful I’m not dead or in prison.

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Mattress tag was torn off. I’m the culprit of a Federal crime. The coppers will never take me alive, see?

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I’ve lived, yes, am I still?

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I had some adrenaline filled experiences in my youth, not as extreme as you tho haha. It is fun to look back on wild times while sipping tea or something boring in comparison but still nice never the less.

‘Cheers to life and the shortening of it, we are forever young - salud!’

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