Have you tried writing a List?

I was just wondering how many people do this,

how many write down a list of things that may be bothering them to try to better understand it in their head?

I have done this a few times now and it has been really helpful,

Sometimes i get overwhelmed by things and i dont know why it is happening, i may have lots of things going on and some things may be causing me to feel bad, all of these bad feelings then get mixed up and join together to create a big blob of negativity, so i need to try and figure out out what’s bothering me and break it down so i know what i can do about it.


I ask questions in the mirror…

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When I had a therapist, I made lists of things to talk about. It helped a lot

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Lists are really great. My brain is totally unorganized and lists help me. I really should use them more often.

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In AA it’s called “taking an inventory” and members are encouraged to do small ones frequently and large ones when some spring cleaning is in order.


@ozymandias it seems like a good strategy to keep in the old MI Toolkit & i guess anyone can do this. I kind of had to learn to do this myself but it really should be taught as a coping strategy, not sure if it would work for everyone though. Symptoms might get in the way :frowning:

I didnt know why i felt so bad then i thought, i’ll try writing down some things and i ended up with a list of about 12 or 13 things,

Its good to identify what’s happening because it means i can put it into perspective & maybe even take some action on how to relieve the built up negative stress & emotions.

Yes. Lists help me. Whether it’s a list of my symptoms, my delusions and hallucinations, or my basic to-dos, I need lists. My mind draws a blank or meanders down unnecessary thought processes when I am asked certain questions. The list helps me come back to the subject at hand.


No. Definitely not.

Greetings and welcome to the community @shootingstar919.


Hi shooting star, welcome to the forum,

I’m interested to hear how writing down your symptoms would help you, I can see how it can help if you were to show it to a p/doc but other than that i am not sure.

I make lists for several reasons.

  • Lists for doctor appointments, like symptoms, progress, getting worse, any new meds from other doctors, etc…
  • Shopping lists, categorized by specific stores I need to go to
  • To-do lists, like chores I need to do, or errands to run
  • I sometimes type out what I want to say to someone, like if I’m anxious about the future conversation. I write it in a list style, like key talking points or whatever.

I guess I do what you do, in the sense of “writing down things that may be bothering them”. I include those details for pdoc or theralist appointments, in the list that includes symptoms and whatnot.

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you are lucky to have a therapist, i dont have that, i can talk to a project worker but they are limited in what they can say and do, I was chatting to one recently who suggested i use a diary to keep track of things but they are quite big and bulky to carry around so i’m not sure if i can use something on my phone.

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I make lists on the Google Keep app.

Edit: On Android, it’s called Keep Notes.

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Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: i’ll have a look at it.

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