Have you tried support groups?

I went to a bipolar support group, related to no one… maybe because I dont’ have bipolar.

I found it an awful experience and will never do it again

Everyone is saying I shouldn’t go back. I want to. They say it won’t make me better.

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Seems like the groups are a kind of therapy, building the feeling of accepting who we are and feeling comfortable around others about it.

We are sociable creatures.

I went for acceptance. My therapist said it’s not helping. It’s a Starborn support group.

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Is it a spirit group, like a star seed or indigo person group?

Maybe your therapist just doesn’t like the kind of group it is. Think if you feel good then it’s helping.

I was scared but it did help maybe. Starborn is for victims of abduction phenomenon.

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Cool there is a group for what you need.

You should go again, and will feel more comfortable next time. Voicing what is inside is healthy.

I had a very unexplainable occurrence of this kind of thing when I was a young boy.

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Thank you for validation. I know I have mental illness but I also know it isn’t one or the other. It is both.

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I’ve gone to a nami group and a ufo group. They were ok. Didn’t get much involvement. I go to a day program during the week. I see the same people every day though and we all know each other. It’s a clubhouse type therapy thing for the mentally ill in my city. I’d recommend one of those if you have one. I’ve been going since 2012. Spend around 3-5 hours there four days a week. You get used to people and being yourself. Super supportive environment. It’s a whole program though.

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I try to comment and the software is telling me to come back in several hours. 3 hours or 18 hours or more than a day.

Me too @Rainstorm

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Funny this popped up as a topic. The only support groups i really do is AA. But i had a long conversation with the nurse the other day about recovery, and she suggested an occupational therapist, but i was reluctant at first - cos i know they like you to attend workshops.

She actually said it would be dangerous for me to attend a MH group - cos i probably would get taken advantage of - or under my delusion of being an angel, would probably bloody well try to save them.

I just finished a 6 week support group course for people with PTSD relating to birth trauma run by 2 psychologists.

I found it informative and I could relate to slot of it.

It has not helped my symptoms though.

At 22 years Old I stayed sober in A.A. For 8 month. Im not member of A.A. anymore but Ive been sober for most of 21 years now. And lately I have Cut Down from 2 pacs of ciggs to 1.

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21 years of sobriety is a large accomplishment. I’m a bartender and we know lots of people in AA. I’ve heard good things and bad things. Good thing it helped you. I decided to go back to the Starborn support group.

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