Have you tried any of these?

only a 25 minute bubble bath? My bubble bath usually lasts an hour or more… and it’s not $20.00…

It’s only $4. per bottle or Mr. Bubble… and my favorite… bathtub crayons… (color therapy)

Or is it hydro art therapy.


I basically crashed between my 23rd and 24th birthday. I had been clean and sober for nearly a year when my cheese slid right off my damn cracker. I was either full-on whackdoodle or I pulled the old Looney Toons trick of jumping in a hole and pulling the hole in after me (catatonia?). I’d sort of be elsewhere and then I’d be back wearing a diaper and with a tube up my nose.

At some point the meds started working and I was able to start picking up pieces of cheese and stacking them back on my cracker. I never found all of my missing pieces of cheese (short-term memory, organizational skills, etc.). Near as I can figure, this was the timeline:

  • 1992 : Plug in da jug, dry drunk, walking dead.
  • 1993 : Kaboom. Year from HELL. Someone stole my cheese.
  • 1994ish : Some of the cheese back on my cracker. Some volunteer work.
  • 1995ish : Part-time job. Most of the cheese back, but med SFX from hell.
  • 1997 : Back to working full-time. Adjusting to med life. Mostly.

Best I can figure it, anyhow. Those are some sketchy years, y’know?

Before '92 I boozed prodigiously, smoked weed to the same high standard, and popped a lot of Bennies towards the end in an attempt to stay awake 24/7 and work 3x jobs to pay off massive credit card and ‘other’ debt (whole 'nother story there involving a biker named Pork Chop).

Could be the substance abuse that did it, could be the Sz, could just be crap luck. All I know is that I dropped my bag of marbles and some of them rolled away for good.


Probably this particular form of substance abuse, at least statistically. EtOH + tetrahydro + benzedrine + pre-existing genetic pre-dispostion? Very possibly. (Seen it before. One or twice.) (Or more.)

There’s also the matter of your not sleeping for a week induced psychosis doubling down on your prodromal weirdness. It’s just the kind of thing that gets you totally slapped around by bouncers in crappy bars. Have I mentioned how much I don’t miss that part of my life? Because it really sucked.


Chromatherapy :slight_smile:

have been wanting a Chromatherapy spa system for my bathroom, i need to save up money though as it is between £600 - £1000