Have you tried any of these?

they look so tempting and then at the bottom it says ‘cures’ lol

i wish, haha

Hi I can’t read it very well but if they claim a cure probably would cost a fortune in the end. I’m getting tired of these throw med away and go to Jesus. I know from experience that treatment lasts up to 3 months then wears off.

i’m not saying throw meds away, just says cure on the list, but yeah it would be expensive, says something about 6 days for cure, and 3 days anti stress treatment costs over €200 : :confused:

A cure in 6 days maybe I should look into that!

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yeah but there is no fine print and it doesnt state what it cures, i would be happy with a cure for stress and anxiety.

do you think this is even possible? can enough of these techniques really cure things for us?

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“Palliatives.” (see and keep scrolling down).

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yeah i guess you are right :frowning: you can treat the symptoms but you cant treat the cause,

you need to find the cause first i guess.

If they can get inside the problem like surgeons would I’m too complicated for success.

how can you get inside the problem though? its not like you can touch it, all you can do is talk and i guess the only way to get to the root of it is to unravel years of ■■■■ that has reinforced it and try to get to the core, psychologically this seems impossible :frowning:

i wish i could afford that spa treatment bc then at least i could get some light relief :slight_smile: maybe its cheaper back home.

Yeah it doesn’t hurt to be treated good physically even hugs are good my daughter got massages for backpack pain in back she said it kinda hurt though.

i hate backpack pain, i’m hoping my dive tomorrow will be pain free, the tank is supposed to be heavy out of the water though,

i had another crazy idea earlier about this, i thought if i trained as a massage therapist, i could make friends with nice female therapists and we could massage each other for free and i could also maybe do it to myself as well, maybe a good idea :wink:

Yes definitely do you live in a progressive community? People that are healthy could really run off on you too.

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:slight_smile: going to make this a plan C on my list of things to try to do in the future lol

plan A - Social care course- support worker
plan B - Renting out my room, renting out bikes, dog boarding, permitted part time work.
plan C - train to be massage therapist

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Indeed. If you’re going to burn money in that fashion, ask yourself “What would Keith Richards do?” Probably hookers and blow, but you’ll at least feel to have gotten some value and much less a prat after the fact.


Oh, ■■■■, yes. (15 and 16 and 17 and…)

If the problem is essentially genetic, it’s meds. But even when it is, meds are so crude that they make a mess sufficient to piss the pt off most of the time.

If the problem is essentially the result of behavioral conditioning, you do a “functional assessment of behavior” plus interviews. Over time, it becomes evident what the “animal training” was and what one has to do to extinguish the reward and reinforcement setup.

That said, the animal training may have been complex enough that it will take a pretty skilled psychologist (not a therapist, or at least, not usually) to figure it out.


sounds interesting :slight_smile: you should teach this

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I apologize if this is a dumb question, but… Is acquired brain injury (ABI) a possibility here? There were things I was remarkably good at before this neurocognitive crap tonne of bricks landed on me, and now I’m arsed if I can do them halfway decently. I’ve spent decades using every friggin’ trick I can to recovery short-term memory, but it’s like that part of my brain is, well, dead or missing.

It’s weird because I keep my important stuff in a Roman Room and that works long-term, no problemo. Had to have my daughter remind me to shower again today, however. Personal hygiene was never an issue for me before this!

Really really REALLY pisses me off.


Have I tried any of these on the list, well…yes, but it doesn’t sound as glamorous at home.
(what the heck is an “Underwater Shower?”)

*Massage Hot Stones: My collected stones from the local creek, lake, and ocean, picked for smooth shape and size, Heated in a pot of water on the stove until hot, placed at various spots to soothe. Ask husband for massage, taking turns.

*Shower jet: Every night in my shower.

*Algae-therapy: When cleaning the tub or refrigerator.

*Bubble bath: That’s when I wash dishes by hand.

*Mud bath: Every time I do yard work.

*Sauna: Every time I clean the 1st bathroom-it has no fan/vent or window.

*Facial cleansing: At least every morning, and again before bed.

*Intensive moisturizing treatment: After nightly shower, apply Aveeno moisturizer generously while still damp from shower.

*Anti-stress/2 days: A weekend of movies, take out food and Hagen-Das icecream bars.

*Anti-stress/3days: Add another day of TV, petting Kitties, and doughnuts with breakfast.



A TBI is a possibility, but what you describe sounds more med sfx. Dopamine suppression tramples on the hippocampus where explicit memory is processed (in both directions). Anti-P molecules occupy some (not all) of the Da receptor sites on the neurons that pass through the hippocampus. In so doing, they block Da xmission, and thus the “energy” of memory uptake and retrieval.

It’s a stretch, but there may even be the sort of long-term “damage” I alluded to in another thread on anti-Ps causing “brain damage” by long-term, very slow excision of Da receptor sites on the dendrites of the neurons that pass through the hippocampus… or even lead to or from those neurons. But that excision would be extremely slow.