Have You Suffered A Secondary Disease Because Of Diabetes Type 2

Someone here who has type 2 diabetes and has suffered a secondary disease?

I’m talking about amputation, blindness (in one eye), dialysis, skin problems, stroke or heart attack.

I have Diabetes Type 2 now for a bit over three years. And I’m terrible at managing it. My doctor told me three years ago, that I will suffer complications in five years. So it is less than two years left. I think she ment it serious, because she knows how much I smoke and what sugary drinks I take.

I kind of feel lost in my situation. I’m in the same daily cycle since beginning of 2017. Like I can not leave my lifestyle while I waste my physical health. And more of an feeling of helplessness or apathy.
I don’t particapate in life when I stop my consumption of sugar and tobacco and caffeine.

I don’t know guys, I’m one foot in the grave and the other sitting on my chair and drinking tons of what I should not. And I have the strong belief that I want to pass out of life, while I wouldn’t commit suicide, but in a certain way I do with my lifestyle.

I have diabetes 2. I only drink sugar free drinks. My A1C was out of control the last time so am making adjustments to diet. It’s not inevitable I don’t think to develop these complications, but yeah, if you don’t try to change, you may be in for some unpleasantries.

Have you tried some sugar free options for your sugar fix? I have tried some sugar free stuff and honestly, its not bad. It’s really your choice if you want to let yourself go though. I personally would make adjustments while you still have time.

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I sometimes drink tea pure without milk or sugar or tab water. If I don’t get my fix from the smokes and the coffee or tea with sugar, I will start eating a lot. Like then I get the sugar I usually take and so missed with food.

I became really negative the last few years. I might could change. The fact that this life would go on to just be alive bothers me.