Have you regained your emotional sensitivity?

Hi, I am on a path of recovery even though my Pdoc said I already had a remission, but it does not feel fully like that. The first time I got diagnosed it took me at least 2 years to regain emotional sensitivity (like gaining adrenaline rush playing intensive video games, feeling scared while frightened and having different emotions thorough the day). I am on year 1 since my relapse cause i stopped my meds previously and I have to start from a beginning, right now I do enjoy video games and laugh once in awhile, but i still wake up in the morning emotionless and sleep for a very long time if I have time for it. I also don’t get scared if something should be frightening or excited over some good news and I don’t get a full rush of dopamine while playing really good games.
Have you recovered emotionally, if yes, how long did it take?

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For me emotional apathy is a symptom of depression and is when I get suicidal. Of course everyone’s different and I’m not saying that must be whats going on for you. But I know when I lose the ability to feel and don’t react to things its because I’m beyond low and find normal every day tasks pointless and life irrelevant.

Is it possible at all that you are feeling especially low?

My advice to you is find an art/entertainment you like. Games are quite demanding emotionally/energy wise. Try and find some TV shows you like. One thing that really helped me in times of woe was comedy shows. Show’s like: Whose Line Is It Anyway, Fraiser, Chowder, Regular Show. All helped me forget my problems and made the day better. Feels good to laugh at stupid stuff.
You could also look at drawing, music, mediation, exercise. Try your best to do some small activities to break up the day.

I’ve slowly been regaining emotional sensitivity. I complained several times to my doctor about having difficulty getting immersed in movies, reading, or video games and feeling like those activities were a lot of work. I believed it was the medication that needed to change. To be honest what has recently worked for me is 50mg to 400mg a day of caffeine (5 teabags or 4 cups coffee) and doing enough cardio during the week. Over days I noticed that I react with less anger when frustrated, I get glued to the tv when watching movies and very jumpy/excitable watching thriller/horror movies.

So that is what worked for me. And I hope it works for you too. Increasing fitness so I have more lung capacity to endure emotional situations and drinking coffee to increase motivation, physical endurance, vigilance when watching tv or socially and also to reduce lethargy.

I’m also on a high dose of ssri antidepressant but I still believe it is the exercise/caffeine that reanimated me since that was the trigger for the change.

Hi, Newlyborn,
Firstly I can sympathize with what you are going through, it’s never an easy task.
You may have a combination of things going on, one would be a case of PTSD this can take awhile depending upon your circumstances, being if you are in a tricky situation it will make getting out of it more harder.
Secondly you may have what’s called flattening emotional responses to the toxicity of the meds could I ask which ones have you been taking.Risperidone & Olanzapine are in my experience two of the worst ones.
Also you would need to know what triggered you in the first place as this is the main source of your illness. hope this helps one more thing You can find book relable self help books upon Amazon that can explain whats going on, a lot better than your PDoctor or the Tablets they exspect you to take.

I’m currently on low dose risperidone ( Invega 75mg monthly). I tried other APs like haloperidol and quetiapine and they are much worse for me than risperidone. Also I’m reluctant to change something like aripiprazole cause I’m on remission on risperidone and it’s doing wonders like I am able to work and exercise but side effects like weight gain and sleeping too much is concerning but I can deal with it.
My schizophrenia was triggered by drugs and social anxiety. It’s been a year that I only smoke few cigarettes a day and don’t drink alcohol or do any drugs. Also after my relapse, I experienced major depression episode. It was really strange: I was standing outside and smoking and out of nowhere I noticed like a negative rush in my head and body for a few seconds and an hour later I was crying and thinking of suicide. It could be because I experienced mania during my relapse and I did stop my escitalopram when I was hospitalized. Now I am back on escitalopram on only 5mg a day and I feel improving slowly.

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