Have you noticed

They have stopped reporting the coronavirus pandemic although before this coming May one million Americans may have died to covid-19. They are just reporting the situation in Ukraine. Let’s not make this any political thread. It just seems so strange.


I am not updated with news,
if its something important i will over hear it.
I stay far away from news.


@Daze lol 1515151515


I’m sure you have people close to your heart, whom you wouldn’t want to punish by passing on them a virus or by dying.

I mean, I guess. I don’t even know how all these vaccines work since I haven’t had a single one for corona.

have jumped from one disaster to another :frowning: thats the news for you


Yeah there gonna brush it all under the rug.

But hello inflation!


Why did I not get award winners in STEM for two years, in the news. Total takeover.

why are 6 year olds covered up with masks,
when it’s been obese teenagers getting it?

Not a clue. 151515

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What kind of awards? Like, Nobel prizes? Or school-level tournaments?
Here they cancelled national competitions last year. Students have complained but to no avail. Many of them needed those prizes in order to get college scholarships. This virus sure has wreaked havoc everywhere.

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