Have you made peace with your illness?

Hey guys, as above, for me i have, thoughts?


Never, no.

I had to earn this stability.

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Sometimes I think I will get out of it and have a second life. On other occations I believe it will be like this forever.

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For the most part, yes.

But viewing this illness on a sociological level, I can’t help but have questions and try to understand this condition in a new light.

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I don’t think I’m mentally unwell dispute being being sectioned 13 times in 9 years for SZA and psychosis.

As a person who is interested in sociology, I tend to view illness in a different light. Illness is also social, not just biological.

For me, I have not made peace with my illness. I’m still fighting the idea that I have psychosis.

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Yes, I accept that I need medication for the time beeing. But I also hope for something better with maybe a different medication(I have been on the same one all the time, but now I want to try something else) and a small chance of maybe quitting meds completely some day.

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No. I struggle with that. At the moment im quite pissed at the people who caused it (including myself). I cant accept this illness, it robbed me of a lot, including my capability to connect to others, to be a good mother and to ever feel fully safe and relaxed.

I’m in normalcy these days. But yes I have accepted it


Yeah ive accepted it. Almost like a bit of psychological warfare - and i wont be beaten.

Sooner you accept it - the sooner you can recover from it. Fact.


I am happy that I reached a few goals I set for myself like getting married, quitting smoking, buying a nice car and getting a pet cat. My career path could have been better but that would have caused a lot more chronic stress.

I am happy that my illness is more like mild bipolar and some Asperger’s now. The visual and auditory hallucinations and extreme paranoid delusions are mostly gone.


No, I need more time.

I’ve accepted that I’ve had mental health issues.

Yes I have made peace with it. Sometimes I struggle to understand I’m still ill but I do accept it when someone explains it to me.

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I am still fighting it.

Yes and no… I accept I have a mental illness but it’s hard to forget about the things I hallucinated while psychotic… and the delusions.

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I have accepted it. I know I have a mental illness and always will. I am more or less at peace with it. It is part of me, it doesn’t define me. I just am struggling my best to find a better place in society. I am still young.

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Not fully. I still worry I’ll relapse and have no control. But truth be told. I generally know when somethings up and I don’t really know what I do to fix it, but I can more or less keep it In check. I reach for meds and then I also do as much cbt as I can in my control.

It’s a defect I have. Not something to make peace with in my view.

Just a label for how my brain works.

Faulty things can still work if you find other ways to cope or even do better.

Takes a long time though to get to that point, in my experience anyways

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