Have you had any academic aspirations

I got my Master’s degree over 20 years ago, I did have some aspirations to get a degree in finance 20 years ago, but it never happened, too bad.

I studied graphic design and never did anything with it, then tried art history but it wasn’t for me.
Now i’m going to finish a degree in tradicional chinese medicine, acupunture and stuff, i think it will be good for me to change.

I have another year at college then I’ll get my management degree
Don’t really fancy being a manager but it be good on my CV
If I can’t find paid work after that I may do another degree but this time study something I’m more interested in

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I tried sign language interpreter, para legal, CNA, others.

I have considered business degree, but just did Owning your own Pet Sitting business.

Or my own cleaning company.

I need three classes to get three AA degrees at my local community college. I think the AAs will be in math, social science, and business–or something like that. Can’t remember. I would also like to finish my bachelor’s degree in mathematics before I die. I don’t think I’m smart enough anymore. Maybe I could change my major or something. Maybe I could transfer to an online school instead. But I really like the UC system.

It would be cool to get a PhD in math, an MBA, or a masters in finance/mathematical finance.

Anyways, stepping stones. I’ll be taking a class towards my AA degrees this fall. Can’t wait. A little nervous and scared.

I’m hoping having an AA degree will help me land a job. Hopefully it will make up for my lack of work experience.

I just need five math classes to get my BA.


that’s really cool, I would like to know sign language

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what is your master’s degree? I’m interested in science, it has always fascinated me but here in Montreal, I’d have to study four years to get my bachelors and it scares me a little bit. If I had a little drive and energy, I would totally pursue it.

I have my Masters in business and management. In addition to my main studies I have also courses included from my studies in America. I also studied three weeks Russian in Leningrad in addition to my Russian studies in the university.

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very impressive :+1: I have never gotten well with the Russian culture. My parents are western Armenian. Do you work in your field?

I used to think college was important. I started a business degree years ago but looking back I odnt know why I bothered. Personally I believe in the university of life when it comes to knowing.


I read a great novel this year called: “A Partial History of Lost Causes” by Jennifer Du Bois.

It’s about a woman who goes to Russia to find this chess prodigy who stiffed her father. It’s a great look into the culture of the country, and how they will set up a person that they are proud of for life.

She also is an excellent writer, it’s fiction.

I never used to… I used to be told there was no way I could do school…

But now that I was lucky enough to find a job I like… I’d like to learn more about it.

Now I’m hoping for a horticultural degree so I can broaden the job.

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I did 5 years at med school but was declared unfit to practice a few months before graduation. I got a couple of papers published. But to be honest I was ■■■■ at med stuff. Should have followed my first love of physics and maths.

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What were your findings, in those published papers?

I wish you would pursue it still, cuz we need a cure for CF.

Was to do with certain genes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Pretty boring stuff to be honest.

Yeah would love for CF to be cured. My mum has lung disease and when I was growing she was often on the respiratory ward. I met lots of young adults who were suffering from CF. is horrible how it affects people when they are young and should be living care free.

Oh yeah, I am very interested in genetics too.

My daughter has rare genotype that keeps her relatively healthy, but a very common genotype that is consistent with most sufferers.

I think today they can even tell you the location of your genes, like they told us Beth’ healthy gene was from the Canadian area.

Yeah here in the UK you can get private genetic tests which can tell you if you have Asian/African genes etc. is quite satisfying when racist extreme right wingers discover they have “foreign” genes.

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I wanted to be a Tony Stark. Took lessons in physics, computer science. I had big plans beyond academics. I’m pretty sure I’ve been the schizoid type my whole life in restrospect.

I’ve given up on that for now. A deluded sense of self is only going to prolong my psychosis.

If I got back to school now it’d just be to get a modest and easy degree, something that will get me hired into a company where I can move up.