Have you had a tonsillectomy?

I had my tonsils out when I was 10. My face was never the same. It’s considered major surgery. My mother would do nothing to help me heal.

No, I have not.

Yeah, when I was a kid.

Lucky you. I often wondered why they never treated tonsillitis with antibiotics. I know this was in the 50’s but penicillin was available.

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Did you get a lot of help recovering?

It didn’t change my face in the childhood photos I have from my grandmother. Look the same before and after. Started catching more colds after they were out, that’s for sure.

I had it done in the 80s. I just remember eating a lot of ice cream because my throat was sore and the cold felt good.

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You know what really screwed up my face? Getting old.



My mom wouldn’t do anything special like ice cream. I think sick or sore kids scared her away.

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