Have you guys tried acting?

I went through a phase of delusions thinking I could become an actor, it was a borderline call by my psych.

I met another chick she had sz that’s as far as it went. Have you guys dabbled in acting? Does sz prompt you to try acting as it did with me? Curious to know!


I acted in kindergarten - the angry mother in Hansel and Gretel. It gave me such a headache, I never wanted to act a bad character again. It hurts to be mean, even when it’s only on stage. It was quite a lesson to me.

When I was in first grade I was Santa in the school Christmas play and forgot all my lines. Never again…


I haven’t tried acting but pre-sz I followed a screenwriting course.

I still have the certificate.


I remember my one line from primary school, I said land ahoy the time the fist landing occurred in Australia by caption James cook !

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That was a quick reply lol

In 3rd grade I played Mr. Bicuspid in a school play about teeth health. I dressed up in a huge tooth costume.


I played a deceased CNR station agent in a local ghost walk. LOL.


I avoided being dead in movies, but I had different roles, but I suspected my drama teacher knew I had a condition, he even insinuated that I was sz but I played dumb

It’s not a Halloween Ghost Walk if the actors are still alive.


When i was 21 i did some extra work. Got sae (special ability extra) for some of it so it was good money. Sometimes 500 bucks a day when i did it.
That was pre-illness but I was becoming emotionally flat, and also had some periods of hypomania during that time looking back on it.

I legit wanted to be an actor but realized its a lot harder than it looks :sweat_smile:

People told me i should model or be an actor. I got in a commercial once too lol.

So i tried that stuff, wasnt in the cards for me :crazy_face:

Now im a professional egg.
:egg: :hatching_chick:


I played a role for 3000 years of longing, an edris Elba movie, but never saw my self there lol


Another quick reply, nice

I dabbled in acting classes before I got sick back in the nineties…I was prodromal and dropped out of the class…not much.

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I was a main character in the school play when I was 9.lol.

I did an acting course once.

I went twice, drunk. To that. :thinking::beers:

I think acting is really fun.

But I have anxiety around some people

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I used to participate in dramas during school days. Once I got mental illness lost interest on anything. Just living barely. Like to watch good movies and series though.

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I was with an agency once but without experience or education on it.

Apparently home and away wanted me in their series but couldn’t get ahold of me because I was out n about.
I didn’t pay the agency any more because I forgot about it all and didn’t find out about home and aways phone calls until a year later and by then I had put on 30 kg and Gond psychotic .:crazy_face:

I was more interested in creative writing and directing .
But acting could be fun as long as everyone is in on it and knows what they are doing.

I had Truman show delusions that everyone around me was pretending to love me and acting and that an actor was going to get paid to marry me while married to someone else in real life.
My family said they pretended to love me because they were paid or something.
Hurt md so much.

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