Have you got one?

No I have no tattos never liked them
Have you any tattoos

Yeah, just one. An infinity sign in the middle of my chest

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Negative. Body is a temple and all that jazz.

I didn’t really want any but when I was psychotic I did so I have 3

I would like to get a few tattoos.

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I did mine while psychotic too, but I like it dont regret it

Even when I was overseas in the Navy, and it seemed like everybody around me was getting one. I never did, so no I have no tattoos

It’s never appealed to me.

Yes, one on my left deltoid/rotator-cuff area. I injured that area as a sophomore in high school and it permanently stunted my physical growth. It is an image of Ifrit, an archdemon of the Qu’ran. It looks like this:

In the next life I won’t be getting any tattoos. It was fun & served its purpose.

I do. I want them lasered off. Currently, in the process of my face ones getting removed

No tattoos - too old and wrinkly now.

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When I was in the army I was always afraid I would wake up after a hard drunk with a butterfly tattooed on my forehead.


When I was 14 I was in a house fire… as I grew up… I got some tattoos to blend and hide some of my burn scars… I have a phoenix on my left shoulder that got scorched… and a tribal design up my side.

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i have angel/dragon wings on my whole back
latin words…and a tree and crow on my chest
a celtic tattoo
a red indian tattoo
a swallow with writting
and a bird of peace…on a bayonet/rifle…( basically it means peace cannot survive with violence !?! )…on my arms.
if you look closely you can see some actual skin !?! :grin:
take care :alien:


Nope none. I change my mind so often, it’s probably a good thing I don’t have any.