Have you found any alternative along with medicine?

When I started to look LPG gas flam for 5 minutes daily, I feel controlled body and build confidence in just a few weeks, after 20 years of suffering now I am enjoying schizophrenia but I feel sad for that which I loosed,

LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas


Yes, I mean it.

Uh, first I’ve heard of this. Hope you’re just cooking with it and not inhaling it directly?

Edit: I work at a bulk fuel dealer, but we do have a retail outlet that dispenses propane. I’m government certified to fill propane tanks and vehicles. This is from the courseware for my certification:

“Exposure to liquefied petroleum gas can cause dizziness or cardio-respiratory arrest in humans, and high concentrations can cause asphyxiation. In some cases, exposure to liquefied petroleum gas may cause euphoria, nerve and brain damage, hallucinations or heart failure.”

You should not be inhaling this stuff, ever, for any reason.

No you are confusing, it’s not to inhale, but to look its flame,

Is it sort of meditation…???

Yes. Its sleep.

No it is not medicine but I find it, now I am only takes mood stabiliser medicine as per my doctor.

Thank you for clarifying that. I was worried that you were inhaling it directly (people have done stranger things here and promoted them to others).

My English is not very well, and I must say I was not cured but enjoying schizophrenia,

I have to explain more, as schizo I do writing in teeth, reading mind, crossing eyes, and thoughts that are not of my duty but now as a normal behaviour and in touch of surrounding environment, also hallucinations that you believe me, I think life has two part one before it and another after it.

If any one of you interested than I have one more technic to kill schizophrenia?

Well no one is interested, but I have to say this (foolish) idea.
You have to rotate your mind from right to left, so pull mussels of your head as in picture, it will give space to your mind, thanks.