Have you followed orders from your voices in fear of something bad happening if you dont?

They are threatening me telling me I’m not allowed to speak. If I do, they’ll hurt me and my family :frowning:


The voices are not real. Dont listen to them

I’m having the same issue i’m Trying many different grounding techniques to understand that they aren’t real

The voices can’t hurt anyone, they’re figments of your imagination.
I’ve sometimes done as they said because they offered to leave me alone if I did.
They never kept the promise.

I used to be like that BAD. I remember I was trying not to insult the voice but I just kept on insulting him (it was like I had terets) and I would get in trouble with the voice for it and it would make me apologize 30 or 40 times in a row.i put so much pressure on myself because I thought I was in so much trouble for these insults but it was all fake. Don’t follow orders from your voice you’ll only feel silly later.

I didnt have voices, but I listened to my delusions. It was a really really really bad idea.

I hope you can realise your voices can’t hurt you, or your family. I’m not really sure how to convince you, but they really can’t. Hope you will get more peace of mind soon.

Distract yourself by a load music on headphones :headphones:

Yes. I’ve had the voices threatening me to kill myself, or they will hurt my friends.
Or they’ll kill me, so I better kill myself.

…that is why I tried to die.

I had similar. They told me to kill myself so they wouldn’t have to make me kill my mother. I told them I would to save my mothers life but it was all fake…I think.

Oh dear. They are the worst. I’m sorry you had them.
I had a vision of a little girl who came across me and tried to kill me, and if I didn’t kill myself, she would kill me.
I ended up swallowing a whole bottle of pills and ended up in the hospital.

Sorry YOU went through that. Was it because you thought the voices were real? How are you doing now?

The voices felt so real and they often are accompanied by visions. I had visions AND voices going on.
It was horrible.
I don’t hear them anymore but I’ve got tactile hallucinations now. And paranoia is stronger.
Overall, it’s been better so I’m glad.

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